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A Sampling of Public Health Blogs January 8, 2010

Posted by Liz Borkowski in Blogging.

For our first class, here are examples of a few different types of blogs.

Political blogs: Daily Kos is a major left-wing blog, and it’s noteworthy having posts from the site’s official writers (the “front pagers”) as well as from users. (Registered users can post diaries, and the most-recommended diaries are featured in a Top Ten list.) Front-pager DemFromCT covers public health topics (as well as punditry) — see The Year of Health and Politics and Lessons Learned From the Pandemic (that would be the swine flu pandemic, which DemFromCT has been covering extensively). Advertising revenue supports the site.

Subject blogs: Many blogs cover a single topic, like healthcare or the environment. Gristmill, the blog portion of the nonprofit Grist, is an environmental blog featuring content from the organization’s staff and from a long list of contributors.  For a narrower topic, see Superbug, a blog run by a freelance writer and dedicated to the issue of antibiotic-resistant infections.

Newspaper/Magazine-affliated blogs: Newspapers and magazines support hundreds of blogs; some of them are written by reporters who juggle blogging with their usual responsibilities, but more and more publications are hiring people just to blog.  Here are a few examples:

Nonprofit blogs: Nonprofit organizations use blogs to highlight their issues and campaigns (and sometimes to request donations). Switchboard, the blog of the Natural Resources Defense Council, posts content from several staff people working on different environmental issues. The nonprofit Center for Global Development runs Global Health Policy, which has a new post from a CGD staff member roughly once a week.

First-person blogs: Bloggers’ personal stories can provide insights into how public health issues affect individuals. In particular, there are lots of healthcare professionals blogging about the things they see in clinics, emergency rooms, and other healthcare settings. University of Michigan medical students blog at Dose of Reality, and medical student Ishani Ganguli blogs at the Boston Globe’s Short White Coat.

For further reading, RN Central’s list of 50 Excellent Public Health Blogs is a great source of more examples.

Feel free to add your own blog types or examples in the comments!



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